Dylan Fedy Director of Commercialisation

Dylan Fedy

Director of Commercialisation

Dylan Fedy joined Procom in 2021 as the Director of Marketing & Customer Insight. With over 24 years of expertise, Mr. Fedy has led the marketing operations for numerous organizations within Canada and the U.K. throughout his decorated career. 

As Procom expands into the U.S market, Mr. Fedy is responsible for implementing a formal marketing function within the organization and building out a team to propel Procom’s next phase of growth. 

Whether it’s customer facing initiatives or internal team dynamics, Mr. Fedy adopts a people-first philosophy with an acute emphasis on building relationships and establishing trust. With intense focus on customer insights and needs, Mr. Fedy crafts and executes marketing strategies that are directed at solving consumer problems and improving user experiences. 

Mr. Fedy graduated from Wilfred Laurier University with an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration in 1998. A resident of Toronto, a proud father of two, and a lifelong learner coming from a family of educators, Mr. Fedy occasionally lectures at Humber Business School as well as the Toronto School of Management. 

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Dylan Fedy

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