Updates on COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Hello from your partners at Procom,

The global COVID-19 pandemic has presented a truly unprecedented situation that is affecting all of our families, our communities and our businesses.  It is a trying time as we collectively navigate this new reality.  First and foremost, we are all in this together, and Procom is here to help.

With the situation changing rapidly, we are focused on staying in sync with the evolving risk environment, ensuring we are following effective practices to keep our teams and workplaces safe, and to ensure that our operations remain capable.

Work from home is close to 100%
Over the past few weeks, we took several measured steps to increase our readiness posture in the event the isolation standards implemented in other parts of the world made their way to North America. 

As a result of these moves, we have been able to transition more than 90% of our team to a remote work configuration and are online and fully engaged to perform their job. 

No interruption to our services
For both our Clients and our Contractors, I want to assure you that our services are fully capable at this time and we have not experienced any problems.  

While activity is lower than normal, and virtual interviews have become the new standard, we currently have a number of search assignments underway right now and are actively working with candidates and Clients through this challenging time.  Clients continue to hire and there are great candidates being found by our team.

Likewise, our Contractor back office team is fully engaged and actively processing time and expense payments.  We have had no interruptions in our core payment practices, nor do we anticipate any.

While all of our critical services are stable, we have identified a potential future risk regarding payments processed by physical cheque, which will become more difficult to distribute or collect in a largely remote work configuration. 

The majority of our financial transactions rely upon EFT. In the limited instances where cheques continue to be used, we are reaching out to offer our services to support a transition to EFT.   

People are the strength of an organization
Although new business activity has dipped during this period, most Clients have remained committed to their existing team.  Many organizations have transitioned or are transitioning to a remote work posture as part of a broader effort to keep their people safe and continue through the pandemic.  

Across the wide community of Client organizations that we serve, Procom is seeing a shared commitment to work through this challenging time.  Amongst our Clients, we see broad recognition that people are the strength of their business and as a result they are taking a long-term view of managing through this pandemic. 

We are committed to supporting you through this trying time and if you have any suggestions on how we might service you better, please let us know.


Kent McCrea
Chief Operating Officer

March 19

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