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How to show impact on your resume

When you’re throwing your candidacy into the employment ring, you can expect to go round for round with the best of the best, and your resume is what’s going to be fighting the first round one.

Potential employers are looking at your previous experience as a future investment, and if they’re going to invest, you’ve got to impress. Here’s how to Rocky your resume to ensure that it packs the type of punch that leaves an impact.

Revenue generation

Sure, money isn’t everything, but it’s a pretty big something when you want to show what you’re worth to a potential employer. If you’re in a sales role, it’s easy to emphasize earned revenue, but when your position isn’t directly tied to money, you need to look higher within the company to find the impact of your work.

For example, consider:

The monetary value of any improvements earned with a new solution you implemented.
The value of a new service line that will create revenue opportunities.
The impact of any new equipment you implemented that can improve production or order fulfillment.

Costs saved

Do you know what’s just as attractive to potential employers as generating money? Saving it! Whether you’re working for a private firm, a non-profit or the government, every organization wants to save when balancing the books. So highlight any experience you have in implementing systems or technologies that were able to save on costs.

People you’ve helped

Whether you’re working on your own or within a team, everyone answers to someone, and organizations want to see how you communicate within the workplace environment. In any role, you’ll most likely be responsible for supporting a number of colleagues or external individuals, so you want to highlight where you stand in your previous employers’ hierarchy- who did you support, who did you answer to and/or who depended on your work? If you can leave the impression that you’re heavily relied upon, recruiters and hiring managers will get an understanding of your value.

Awards and recognition

There’s much to be mentioned about the humble brag, but not everyone can back up their claims with proof or peer recognition. Include any accolades on your resume that you’ve earned throughout your career—these things include everything from:

• Awards
• Certifications
• Peer recognition
• Media mentions
• Industry-related courses
• Professional designations

Just remember, your recruiter can act as your coach, but when it comes to winning an interview, you’ve got to be prepared with a knock out resume.

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How to show impact on your resume

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