See how to stop losing the best IT candidates to the competition.

In 15 minutes, we will show you how we use a market data tool and competitive positioning to engage the right candidates.

See the Difference​

I.T. talent is scarce, pay rates are changing quickly, and competition is everywhere. Business leaders are facing compensation issues, budget constraints, and stalled projects.

To combat these challenges, Procom uses a combination of real-time market data and competitive intelligence in our recruiting process.

See how our I.T. recruiting process brings visibility to:

  • Talent availability by location
  • Hiring competition, including top competitors
  • Current compensation rates
  • Real-time data, based on your open roles
  • How to apply these insights to change candidate conversations

(This enables us to hyper target and attract the talent you need.) We invite you to see the difference in our process and how it applies to your roles.

There are new challenges in hiring the right people, but our process is proven, combining 40 years of recruiting expertise with today’s technology.

In 15 minutes, we’ll show you how this works on your current open roles, in real-time.

Get more of “YES!”. Hire more of the best candidates using our market tested recruiting process.

Procom has continued to be a primary source of market intelligence and qualified talent for our program.

-Program Operations Manager

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stop losing the best IT candidates to the competition

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