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The current state of change management

There’s an increasing velocity of change happening all around us. As emerging technologies and customer expectations force organizations to face faster, more complex and cross functional change than ever before, business leaders are faced with the challenges of being able to deliver results across multiple areas if they want to achieve their strategic vision in today’s landscape – and many are missing the mark.

A recent study by McKinsey discovered the organizational failure rate for participants to be higher than 60 per cent, while Harvard Business Review conducted a study that suggested more than 70 per cent of transformation efforts fail.

So, how can organizations apply the types of processes, methods and techniques needed to realize dynamic change in an ever-changing world? Whether you’re operating a traditional, blended or contingent workforce, developing a change management strategy that outlines your unique needs, potential risks and desired outcomes will set your organization and its change practitioners up for success.

To get insights into change and what organizations must do in order to effectively harness its power, Procom sat down with David Charles Moore, Founder of the ChangeDriver™ Program for a Q&A to dig deeper into change capabilities and what business leaders really need to know about it in order to effectively drive change within their organization.

Procom:  What is change management?

David: We view change management as a “traditional approach.” Traditional approaches to change tend to show you WHAT to do – not HOW to do it, in an aligned and integrated way. Because of that, change initiatives, projects and programs have been failing across the public and private sectors.  That needs to change.

Procom: Why is change management so hard?

David: People are in the change at the same time they are trying to make the change.  That’s difficult to do.  It’s a feedback loop that involves people, and people are most often resistant to change.  This lies at the core of what makes it so hard.  People need to feel safe, considered and informed as they strive to make the needed change happen. Also, the nature of change is complex, and the pace is accelerating exponentially.  Current frameworks for change don’t have a holistic, integrated approach to understand how a small change in one part of the organization can drive significant changes in other parts.

Procom: So, if change management is the wrong way forward, what should people be doing instead?
David: First, let me say that we wouldn’t have been able to figure out the architecture of intelligent change™ without the ground-breaking work done by the giants of change management over the last 40+ years.
We stand on their work.  It gave us the impetus to think deeply and build what came next – a Change Realization program called ChangeDriver™.  We believe it’s the next generation of change.

Procom: Change Management, Change Realization – is it really different?
David: Yes.  There is a big shift in the thinking and doing.  As I said earlier, change management shows you what to do, not how to do what needs to be done.

“Change Realization is a disciplined, rigorous, systematic approach.  There are eight overarching principles which are the foundation for getting your mind around the required change.  There’s a framework that breaks down what needs to change, including a powerful technique to drive timely, effective decision-making.”

Procom: How does ChangeDriver™ help organizations?

David: ChangeDriver™ uses the Architecture of Intelligent Change™ to help organizations. For instance, a client may determine that they require a new payment system.  Using the ChangeDriver™ approach, the effort to deliver the new system would have integrated, specific and deliberate outcomes, impacts and benefits baked into it from the outset.  When you “begin with the end in mind,” you’ve taken the first important step to ensure that your initiative or project doesn’t go off the rails.

Procom: Why were you compelled to create the ChangeDriver™ Program?
David: How could I not?  I had many scratches, bruises and scuff marks from doing things the traditional way.  It wasn’t working for either me or my clients.  I needed to change things up.

Albert Einstein put it in perspective for me when he said insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  He also said that “we can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.  It took a dedicated team of great minds to figure this out and develop the ChangeDriver™ Program.  

Procom: If there is one thing you could change about how companies and government think about change what would it be?
David: It would be for them to measure the success of change through the lens of long-term outcomes, impacts and benefits, rather than short-term activities, outputs and deliverables.

“By shifting to living in the change and driving continuous change, companies and governments can inspire purposeful, continuous, meaningful change and growth across ALL of their stakeholders.


Procom is partnering with the team behind the ChangeDriver™ program to spearhead this trendsetting, proven approach to being change-ready.

As such, Procom will be hosting ChangeDriver™ Master Practitioner courses in cities across Canada. These four-day courses are open to all contractors, executives, project managers and professionals who want to lead change successfully rather than react to change.

Register now for the Ottawa course on November 18-21. Additional dates and locations are available for 2020.

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The current state of change management

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