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Top in-demand tech skills of 2020

The Kardashians have nothing on technology – because keeping up with its rapid advancements is infinitely more interesting if you want to stay ahead in the workforce.

According to research from McKinsey, almost one-third of U.S. workers will need to find new jobs by 2030 in response to emerging technologies. As such, new tech means workers need to constantly be learning new skills. 

It isn’t always easy to predict which skills will be of the most value in the labour market, yet Procom recently analyzed hiring data consisting of job orders and skill requirements from our clients as well as current tech trends to determine which skills will be in highest demand in the upcoming year. 

Below is a list of our top five findings: 

1. AI and Machine Learning Engineer/Machine Learning Developer 
2. DevOps
3. Cloud Architect/Cloud Engineer 
4. Java Developer 
5. Full Stack Developer 

We also see a lot of other emergent or high demand skills for other niche skills within the U.S. market, such as:

1. Python automation for software embedded in network infrastructure devices.
2. Serverless tech – Lambda.
3. Container and Container Orchestration tools (Docker, Kubernetes). 
4. Automation tools for DevOps – Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, GitLab, automated CI/CD pipelines. 
5. CISSP Certified Cyber Security.

Soft skills are also a priority 

As the world enters the recovery phase of the pandemic, employers have identified seven soft skills they believe will help move their businesses forward. These soft skills are:

1. Adaptability
2. Commitment to life long learning
3. Leadership
4. Communication
5. Emotional intelligence
6. Problem solving and critical thinking
7. Creativity

While employers currently have a large pool of talent to choose from, it’s critical for job seekers to become as attractive as possible.

The role of a staffing agency
Staffing firms have a role to play—both in meeting clients’ changing skills requirements and educating their candidates in the types of skills they should be investing in now to progress their careers in the future. 

Are you working with a staffing agency to find your next great opportunity?

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Top in-demand tech skills of 2020

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