The Future of Talent Acquisition

Proven methods to attract and retain top talent in a candidates driven market.

Wed, June 15,2022 | 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM ET

Christine Plowucha

Enterprise Account Executive

Chris Beckage


An Overview:

The pandemic has radically changed the talent acquisition landscape - forcing organizations around the globe to rethink and adjust the recruitment process. Yet while hiring is happening, there are still several unique challenges that lay ahead for organizations that want to win the War for Talent.

Find out more in this upcoming webinar where Chris Beckage will discuss the Future of Talent Acquisition and the strategies recruiters can adapt and deploy to build a strong recruitment foundation in the current era.

Key Discussion Points :

  1. Defining "compelling reasons" and why they are critical to attracting talent
  2. The reimagined Job posting and what it should include
  3. Top talent priorities right now - data-driven insights into what talent expects from employers!
  4. Positioning total compensation and conversation starters
  5. Q&A

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