Nearshore Consulting Service

A Real Opportunity in the Financial Services and Insurance Sectors

Over the past five years, two of Canada's largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, have been experiencing economic growth due to the migration of U.S. and international corporations setting up sites to take advantage of the financial opportunities, rich market access and flexible immigration laws.

About Procom Services

Procom Services is a North American provider of consulting services with 14 offices and a footprint that recognizes us as the largest provider of I.T. and professional contract workers in North America. We have over 10,000 contract workers on assignment at 150 enterprise customers. The financial services sector is our largest sector, with 5,000 workers currently on assignment.

Our two largest offices serving financial services clients are Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC.

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Procom Services has cross-border capabilities since it also has a US corporation. Procom Services enable flexibility in billing clients for various work locations, arranging work permits and international visas.

Reasons US employers are setting up sites in Canada:

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