The Re-Imagined
Recruitment Playbook

Move beyond the reactive recruitment solutions of the pandemic era to a future ready, talent-centric approach

A step-by-step guide to engaging and retaining talent in the New World of Work

Over the past two years, Procom has captured hard won lessons learned across thousands of hiring engagements by our team of professional recruiters and distilled them into practical ideas that you can start using immediately.  

As the workforce and talent priorities continue to evolve in a labor market that’s more competitive than ever, the time is now for organizations to re-imagine how and where they access and retain talent.  

The Re-Imagined Recruitment Playbook is a step-by-step guide to help source, screen, select, onboard and retain talent in the New World of Work. 

Playbook highlights include:
  • An overview of how recruitment has changed. 
  • Data-driven insights into emerging talent trends and priorities. 
  • Strategies for finding and hiring the right candidates quickly. 
  • Tips to future-proofing your recruitment program.

Discover strategies that will help your organization access qualified talent faster and keep your resources in place

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The Recruitment Playbook

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