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The life sciences industry seeks IT talent and professional expertise to integrate advanced technologies, drive innovation, optimize processes, ensure compliance, and accelerate research. Demand is fueled by the industry's quest for operational efficiency, enhanced patient care, and breakthrough discoveries, requiring skilled professionals in bioinformatics, data security, cloud computing and AI.

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Keeping up with technology and automation

Technology and automation have significantly transformed the life sciences industry, revolutionizing research, development, and healthcare delivery. These advancements have accelerated processes, improved efficiency and enhanced patient outcomes.
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faster drug screening is achievable with AI, streamlining the process and reducing costs.

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of acute care hospitals adopted Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for better healthcare delivery.

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CAGR until 2032, the Precision Medicine market is set to surpass USD 254 billion, due to AI usage in healthcare.

Skill shortage in life sciences

The life sciences industry faces an IT skills shortage due to increasing demand for digital transformation, advanced technologies, data analytics, and secure information management. The interdisciplinary nature of life sciences research, however, necessitates collaboration among experts from diverse fields, making it challenging to find professionals with the right blend of expertise. In addition, the industry faces tough competition from sectors like technology and finance, which offer attractive incentives and diverse career paths.


The acceleration of automation, globalization and changing workforce demographics are increasing the demand for IT skills that bring together technology, people and industry knowledge. We'll quickly help you access IT talent through the following services:


Whether you need top-tier professionals in IT, finance, healthcare, engineering, or any other industry, our specialized recruiters have the knowledge and network to find the perfect match for your needs. Our team meticulously identifies and recruits top-tier professionals with the expertise and experience to drive your projects forward. By leveraging our extensive network and industry insights, we ensure that you gain access to the best candidates who are not only skilled but also align seamlessly with your company’s culture and goals.

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RightFit™ Recruitment Process

Each Life Sciences candidate we submit to you has gone through our proven 5-step ISO-certified process to ensure they have the necessary skills and are the right fit for your organization and project.

Market rate intelligence

As one of North America’s largest IT staffing firms, Procom has over 28,000 data points a month on current rates across all verticals/industries in North America.

Dedicated client portal
Access and manage your Procom talent all from one dashboard. Gain visibility over your candidates’ recruitment lifecycle, collaborate and communicate more easily to make better hiring decisions faster.
A proven track record

Procom’s Life Sciences experts have over 45 years of experience recruiting in the professional services industry.

Locations served

Procom is one of North America’s largest IT staffing and contingent workforce management firms with 20+ locations across North America.

Locations across North America

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