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Company reviews checklist

Information ensures informed decisions. And when you’re attempting to obtain inside intel on a potential employer, a savvy job seeker can get the goods from the outside.  

It’s 2018, and digital sleuthing is easier than ever. Sites like Glassdoor provide a variety of reviews on different areas of an organization. And whether they’re aggregated grievances or a collection of advocacy, the information compiled from previous and current employees will paint a pretty good picture of not just where you would work but who you would be working for.   

If you’re one of the 11 per cent of job seekers who won’t work with a business that has a  bad reputation, consider this company review checklist:

Company culture

A company’s culture defines its business. It’s the organization’s work environment, company mission, values, ethics and expectations. Many job seekers choose to work with companies that share in or promote their personal beliefs, and reviews in this area will help determine if  a potential employer is practicing what they preach. Sometimes the managers in an interview talk about the company culture very highly, but the candidates find out the complete opposite when looking at company reviews.

Management style

It’s been said that people don’t quit a company; they quit the manager. Finding out whether or not you would fit in with management’s leadership style will aid in avoiding such situations. If you prefer remote work and reporting, applying to companies that micro-manage would probably be counter productive.

Salary and rates

Your skills are valuable, are you being offered what they’re worth? Based on your experience and qualifications, you’ll be able to get an idea of fair compensation. You’ll find averages, highs, lows and medians for salaries.


Thirty-three percent of hiring managers admit to knowing within 90 seconds if they want to continue with your candidacy, so your first impression is important. Interview reviews will help you prepare for what to expect. Sometimes you can find specific questions asked during an interview; other times, you’ll find general information about dress, tone and topics.

When it comes to company reviews, it’s also wise to take into consideration the circumstances of the reviewer. Sometimes disgruntled drums beat the loudest, so experts recommend reading an average of six reviews before making a decision.

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Company reviews checklist

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