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Didn’t get the gig? One of these reasons could be why

If you don’t get the gig, it can be hard not to dwell when your candidacy gets declined; however, there are other factors employers consider beyond your experience that influence their hiring decision.

Because sometimes the perfect-on-paper fit isn’t always the best real life match. 

Other than simply not being qualified for the role (or really blowing your interview ), here are 6 reasons why the job went to someone else:

1. The definition of the job changed
Over the course of interviewing several different candidates – including you, the company may have decided to revise the job description all together. As a result, management may have also revised the required skills. 

2. They hired internally 
You may have been the perfect candidate, but even after a round of external interviews, an internal employee may have shown interest in the role. Hiring internally is a low-risk move and one many organizations will take if there’s a qualified member already on staff. 

3. It wasn’t a cultural fit
You may have been a fit for the requirements, but not the company culture. For example, if you’re interviewing with a startup, it may appear to a hiring manager that you would be better fit to a more corporate atmosphere. When it comes to culture, did you relate to the company beliefs, values or even office space upon reflection? 

4. It was a money thing
If you’re working with a recruiter, he or she will talk dollars with you before you decide to interview. But if you take a meeting and are looking for more than the company is willing to pay, or someone is willing to do the same job for less, it could affect their decision to hire you.

5. The interview was a ruse 
A staffing agency will shield you from such shenanigans, but some companies do have policies that a certain number of candidates has to be interviewed for each position—even when the hiring manager has already decided on whom to bring on board.

6. You really just didn’t click 
Sometimes there’s no other reason for not landing the job other than you simply didn’t click. Personalities play a role in the employment process, and maybe yours and the hiring manager’s didn’t particularly play well together. Maybe you unintentionally threatened him or her with your confidence and competence. Maybe you resemble someone they have personal conflict with. There could be many, many maybes…

If you’re working with a recruiter during your job search, it’s imperative to always provide feedback on how your interviews went. The hiring manager will also be providing feedback to the staffing agency, and your recruiter will be able to help pinpoint gaps in your interview skills or where you can use additional training.

Are you working with a staffing agency to find your next great IT job or opportunity? 

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Didn’t get the gig? One of these reasons could be why

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