Accessibility Statement

Procom is committed to ensuring digital accessibility and improving the user experience for everyone. One of Procom’s goals is to allow users to easily navigate through our website and services in order to gather the information required to meet their business needs.

Every voice matters at Procom, and we want to make sure our website and services offer the best experiences for all our stakeholders. If an accessibility issue has become a barrier to working with us or using any of our services, then we would like to hear from you. With the information provided, we will work together to find a proper solution.

We are actively taking the steps and dedicating our resources to further improve the accessibility of our website and services. This is an ongoing effort in order to satisfy the needs of all our customers, clients, and our own employees. Please contact Procom at procomaccessibility@procomservices.com if you have any suggestions that would help us enhance our accessibility options.


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