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Top 5 Factors shaping the new recruitment landscape

The pandemic era forced many HR professionals around the globe to implement reactive solutions to overcome new hiring challenges.

Today we confront a whirlwind of factors beyond our control, ranging from post-pandemic dynamics, The Great Resignation, The Great Reshuffle and sweeping shifts in workforce demographics and diversity.

As the workforce and talent priorities continue to evolve in a labor market that’s more competitive than ever, the time is now to re-imagine how and where competitive organizations acquire and retain talent. 

To move towards a future ready, talent-centric approach, it’s critical to note five major factors shaping the new recruitment landscape:

  1. The recent economic recovery comes with the rise of a candidate driven market. As a result, business leaders are facing two particularly challenging market dynamics: an ever-changing renumeration and benefits landscape and increasing competition for top candidates.

  2. Talent and employers have an evolved view on how and where work gets done, with a new focus on outcomes rather than in-office hours. As such, more and more organizations are leveraging project-based work to maintain flexibility required for both parties.

  3. The pandemic has accelerated the transformation from a knowledge economy to a skills economy.

  4. A tight labor market puts an increasing importance on pay transparency, Employee Value Proposition and compelling reasons when sourcing talent.

  5. To remain competitive, organizations must embrace some aspects of remote, Work-from-Anywhere and hybrid work models or risk losing talent.

Navigating the new recruitment landscape

Navigating this new environment is not easy, but helping people find and create meaningful work is rewarding. Never has it been more achievable to build a compelling offer for talent, break away from the competition and attract the best and brightest to your organization and its purpose.

The Re-Imagined Recruitment Playbook

Over the past two years, we have captured hard won lessons learned across thousands of worker hiring engagements by our team of professional recruiters and distilled them into practical ideas that you can start using immediately. The Re-Imagined Recruitment Playbook is a step-by-step guide to help source, screen, select, onboard and retain talent in the New World of Work.

Talent Acquisition

Top 5 Factors shaping the new recruitment landscape

Talent Acquisition

Identifying when to use a staffing agency or in-house to engage a permanent placement

Talent Acquisition

How to attract and engage passive talent

Talent Acquisition

Interview questions that qualify talent and demonstrate culture

Contingent Workforce

Understanding the why and how of negotiating rates with pre-identified contractors 

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Top 5 Factors shaping the new recruitment landscape

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