Vendor Consolidation through Procom’s Contractor Payroll Program

Discover how Procom’s payroll program delivered savings of over $1.2 million in its first year.

Before partnering with Procom, our client found itself with $125 million in contingent worker spend mixed among 350 staffing vendors and a significant number of independent contractors billing directly.

The three main challenges set before them were:

  1. Our client faced co-employment and misclassification risk.
  2. Our client wanted to reduce the complexity associated with managing such a large number of vendors.
  3. Our client lacked standardized terms and conditions due to their decentralized supply chain.

In this client case study, you will learn how, by partnering with Procom, our client was able to:

  • Onboard 150 pre-identified contractors with zero interruption to service.
  • Enforce compliance controls to 100% mitigate contingent workforce program risk.
  • Achieve 7% savings on addressable spend within first month of the program.

Preserve critical knowledge and skills within its contingent workforce resources.

Download your copy today to discover how we helped our client achieve these results and other key payroll program improvements.

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