Implementing a future-ready direct sourcing program


Industry: Banking

The onset of a global pandemic in early 2020 created an economic outlook that was full of uncertainty. With corporate offices closing, lockdowns beginning, and the economy slowing down, it was difficult for our client (or any other organization for that matter) to predict the potential impact that the pandemic would have on its business as a whole.

Delivering a high volume of top university talent to Financial Crimes Division


Industry: Education

In partnership with a Canadian University, our client engaged in a pilot program, committing to hire 25-30, actively enrolled university students from the schools of business and arts and science to work in a part time capacity as an analyst within our client’s Crimes Division to ensure compliance to FINTRAC guidelines.

Delivering Critical Project Success Through Exceptional Recruitment Support and Resources

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Industry: Information Technology and Business Services

Our client was under pressure to ramp up a critical scrum team of 10 individuals. For four to six weeks, our client struggled to accomplish this through their regular internal channels of existing human resources (HR) vendor support. The client’s project was also already delayed and they required it to be completed as quickly as possible.

Regaining Control of the Contingent Workforce Program with Vendor Consolidation

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Industry: Retail

Our client had a historically tight and well managed list of six contingent workforce suppliers that quickly grew to include over 20 vendors. With the expanded supplier list, our client was not receiving the benefit of preferred pricing based on its volume and lacked the overall visibility and control that it once had over the program.