Using pay transparency to increase value, culture, and innovation

Using pay transparency to increase value culture and innovation

Are you ready to revolutionize your organization’s dynamics? Procom’s latest webinar unveils the incredible advantages of integrating pay transparency into your workforce strategy. In today’s ever-evolving professional landscape, trust, fairness, and open communication are paramount. Find out how pay transparency can become the cornerstone of your work culture, fostering an environment where employees thrive and grow.

Revving up recruitment: the need for speed in IT staffing

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Every day counts in recruitment for mid to senior IT executives, and organizations with pre-pandemic time-to-hire averages will miss out on talent sourced at the top of the hiring funnel. In today’s job market, staffing at speed is critical to ensuring the skills you need

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Transforming IT Talent Acquisition

The year 2022 has marked us with the Great Resignation or the Great Reshuffle, or whatever one would like to call it. While there is a downtrend in people quitting their jobs, the attrition rate remains above pre-pandemic norms. In this ever-changing job market, organizations are still facing a technical workforce challenge as the year comes to a close.

Workforce Solutions Webinar

Workforce solutions webinars

Workforce Solutions Webinar

How can you capture agile contingent talent in a timely and impactful manner? Global labor shortages have leaders like you working harder than ever to find talent within their existing and extended workforce.

The Future of Talent Acquisition

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The Future of Talent Acquisition

The pandemic has radically changed the talent acquisition landscape – forcing organizations around the globe to rethink and adjust the recruitment process. Yet while hiring is happening, there are still several unique challenges that lay ahead for organizations that want to win the War for Talent.

Introduction to Direct Sourcing Program Design

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Direct Sourcing Program Design

Direct Sourcing is one of the hottest topics in contingent talent acquisition. Organizations are looking for innovative ways to improve access to contingent talent, but at the same, time are trying to minimize costs. Direct Sourcing is growing in popularity as a strategy to help achieve both goals.

Demystifying Direct Sourcing

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Introduction to Direct Sourcing

The contingent workforce landscape is evolving fast. The global pandemic and economic uncertainty are making Direct Sourcing one of the most talked-about strategies for contingent workforce programs. While early adopters of direct sourcing have blazed the trail, there are still many organizations that are trying to determine whether direct sourcing is right for them and whether they are ready to pursue it.