Regaining Control of the Contingent Workforce Program with Vendor Consolidation

Discover how Procom’s Contractor Payroll Program helped our client regain control and visibility over their contingent workforce program, while reducing costs.

Before partnering with Procom, our client had a historically
well-managed vendor list that quickly grew out of control.

The two main challenges set before them were:

  1. The client wanted to reduce their number of vendors yet feared any early contract termination would result in a loss of critical knowledge.
  2. The client wanted to reduce the complexity associated with managing the variety of terms and processes associated with the numerous supplier relationships, which were causing confusion for its hiring managers.

In this client case study, you will learn how, by partnering with Procom, our client was able to:

  • Provide the visibility needed to save 17% on program costs within the first year.
  • Reduce vendor list without a loss of critical knowledge.
  • Achieve more competitive vendor rates.

Download your copy today to discover how we helped our client achieve these results and other key payroll program improvements

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