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Procom hosts ChangeDriver™ Master Practitioner courses across Canada

change_driver_FINAL-3-1024x171What’s everybody getting wrong about Change Management?
The new consultant trendsetters

The latest area of expertise taking hold of the contingent workforce is the shift from simply managing change to realizing change.

Yet, if change is constant – how do you drive it?

It’s the exact question facing the contingent workforce today, and one Procom consultants are facing head on now in order to stay ahead of tomorrow’s professional curve.

And they’re doing it by changing the way they think about change.

“Change Realization is a disciplined, rigorous, systematic approach.  There are eight overarching principles which are the foundation for getting your mind around the required change.  There’s a framework that breaks down what needs to change, including a powerful technique to drive timely, effective decision-making.”

Procom consultants are now equipped to lead the way with clients by embracing the ChangeDriver™ principles, framework and method to embed proactive change in the organization they’re working with. Gone is simply managing change. Because it’s really about realizing the change we want and living in it. It’s about driving real outcomes that impact every area of an organization.

Procom’s COO and CFO has taken the course and are now Certified ChangeDriver™ practitioners. It has transformed the way they think about change so much that they have partnered with ChangeDriver™ to bring the course across the country and open it up to consultants everywhere.


Procom is partnering with the team behind the ChangeDriver™ program to spearhead this trendsetting, proven approach to being change-ready.

As such, Procom will be hosting ChangeDriver™ Master Practitioner courses in cities across Canada. These four-day courses are open to all contractors, executives, project managers and professionals who want to lead change successfully rather than react to change.

Register now for the Ottawa course on November 18-21. Additional dates and locations are available for 2020.

Join us in changing the way we think about change.
Become a ChangeDriver™


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Procom hosts ChangeDriver™ Master Practitioner courses across Canada

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