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The Voice of Talent: Return to the office report

The monumental shift into a remote work model has turned flexible employment options from a novelty into a necessity, and worker expectations have evolved with the emergence of the re-imagined office.

As offices begin to re-open, more organizations in both the private and public sectors are unveiling their COVID-19 vaccination policies.

Returning to the workplace means employers must consider how their return-to-office strategies will align with the acquisition and retention of skilled talent. As offices re-open, employees are resigning in unprecedented numbers and vaccination policies are beginning to take shape.

This complimentary report was created to provide data-driven insights into how employers can design their return-to-office strategies to align with worker expectations and attract talent.

The Voice of Talent report includes insights into what full-time and contingent workers expect from employers in relation to:

– Mandatory vaccinations
– Remote work preferences
– The ‘Great Resignation’
– COVID-19 safety measures and more!

Learn what over 1,000 knowledge workers had to say about what they will and will not accept as office re-open.

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The Voice of Talent: Return to the office report

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